Dream Girl

by B. Yale

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Long Live Jay Dee


My My My see your my dream girl;
the only one that i needed up on my team girl;
run the point + the center and in between girls:
small power and shooting miss everything girl;
name it you got it ill get you anything girl;
diamonds ya bestfriend or would it be pearls;
you need a gift with more meaning why not get u the world;
whatever plus my time ur so far from material, type;
aint even gotta say it right;
just know i come from the heart when i say id spend my life;
i wanna see you all the time not only in good nights;
like the first time you entered in my sight you brought delight;
w/ ya light, you shined bright;
the visions of ya vivid image play as a highlight;
in real life i never thought in my hindsight;
id be seeing you im hoping you give me the green light; ur my


im hoping you aint my imagination;
my calculations is wrong ill be in devastation;
i know that you are the one girl no fabrication;
less duplication is the culprit but thats estimation;
our combination is my concentration not just a penetration;
i want you body mind and soul and not no constellation;
reach elevations where neither of us experience;
the realization of us to is immanent;
it is equivalent to somethin that is heaven sent;
the high from our love wont need a drug or other
supplement, its pure;
for sure hearts in good hands insured;
when you feeling love sickend girl i wanna be your cure;
your core that helps you endure throughout your struggles, in rapport;
support when im up or if im troubled;
girl its far to soon out my mouth to say i love you;
but im sure i know that your the missed piece that fits my puzzle your my



released April 26, 2011



all rights reserved


B. Yale Atlanta

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